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lolitafantasy said: Im getting ready for a Halloween event and i really want to wear lolita too it. Problem being, im a sweet lolita and do NOT like black or other dark colors on my jsk/op/skirt(s).. any advice? Or do you know of any pastel prints with black cats?

Some light color/sweeter prints I know that involves a black cat is AP’s Cinema Doll, Btssb’s Alice and Her Black Cat, and Metamorphose’s Cat Print. That’s all I know so far! 
But for a Halloween event you don’t have to go for something dark if you enjoy sweet! You could dress up as a fairy, unicorn, candy, magical girl, something animal themed, or even a pastel colored witch? Anything goes, you don’t have to change or get extra pieces for the event with your current wardrobe.

Sunday Sep 9 @ 01:46am

Anonymous said: Hello,can you sponsor my store?

I’m currently not interested in any sponsoring right now, sorry.

Sunday Sep 9 @ 01:32am

Melty Ribbon Chocolate Trench Coat

Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:43am

Melty Ribbon Chocolate Jacket in Pink

Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:41am
Candy’s report up for Angelic Pretty’s newest Victorian Letter Series!Items available:One Piece (¥28,944)Long JSK (¥27,864)Tiered JSK (¥26,784)Skirt (¥18,144)Head Bow (¥3,240)OTK Socks (¥2,376)Shoulder Bag (¥ 8,532)Colorways available:Ivory, Green, Pink, and Brown

Candy’s report up for Angelic Pretty’s newest Victorian Letter Series!
Items available:
One Piece (¥28,944)
Long JSK (¥27,864)
Tiered JSK (¥26,784)
Skirt (¥18,144)
Head Bow (¥3,240)
OTK Socks (¥2,376)
Shoulder Bag (¥ 8,532)

Colorways available:
Ivory, Green, Pink, and Brown

Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:32am
Candy’s report up for Angelic Pretty’s newest Cream Cookie Collection Series!Items available:One Piece(¥27,864)Switching JSK (¥25,704)High Waist JSK (¥26,784)Skirt (¥18,144)Tights (¥4,320)
Colorways available:Ivory, Pink, Sax, and Brown

Candy’s report up for Angelic Pretty’s newest Cream Cookie Collection Series!
Items available:
One Piece(¥27,864)
Switching JSK (¥25,704)
High Waist JSK (¥26,784)
Skirt (¥18,144)
Tights (¥4,320)

Colorways available:
Ivory, Pink, Sax, and Brown

Friday Sep 9 @ 08:07pm
lovelyicecream-princess in Crystal Dream Carnival

lovelyicecream-princess in Crystal Dream Carnival

Friday Sep 9 @ 07:59pm
mtears in Sugar Tea Time

mtears in Sugar Tea Time

Friday Sep 9 @ 07:58pm
Saki Kurumi in Bright Starry Night

Saki Kurumi in Bright Starry Night

Friday Sep 9 @ 07:57pm

Anonymous said: Hihii!im new to lolita and i really nervous about buying blouse, jsks, and ops, i love lavender, pink, blues, yellows, and greens but i feel like after i buy anything that the color wont go well with my complication.. any advice?

If you’re new, I suggest going for a JSK or OP in the colorway you really want first and decide on the blouses and other accessories afterwards. With the closet you have now, do you have any off brand loli-able blouses possibly in white or off white to match with your pastel colored main piece? If not, you could go search for the brand you like to buy for a white/offwhite blouse to match your JSK/OP, since I think most pastel colored pieces will go fine with white as a start! When you want to move onto different pastel colors to match with your main piece, consider when buying if you will definitely use it with a dress you’re hoping to get in the future or with your other current pieces, not just for one dress. So that way all your items will get some love and work out with many other things in your closet! I hope this kind of makes sense, good luck!

Friday Sep 9 @ 07:55pm

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